Speaking Engagement

On Sunday May 22 I will be speaking and booksigning at the First Baptist Church of Angleton. 237 East Locust. Come join us. God bless!

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What obstacles did you encounter in getting this book written?

To write a personal memoir of this nature I had to re-live the bad to get the good. I had to bare my soul, and to tell the truth the best way I knew how, based on the memories and details available to me. Like most writers, I’m a bard by nature. So the temptation to exaggerate or embellish the story to make it more interesting was always there. Exaggeration or embellishment may be the stuff         great novels, legends and myths are made of, but it’s not something that belongs in a memoir about the most important revelations of my life. 

It took four years to complete the first draft of the manuscript, and then about another year to get the stories out that weren’t directly related to the message the memoir was supposed to be about. The book needed to focus on the story of God’s miracles in my life. Some of the poetry that precedes each chapter in God Smiles for Me took a little longer. Portions of those were written while I was still a teenager.

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How did you choose the title?

During the operation to remove the tumor my heart stopped three times. After the third time the doctors decided the only way to get to the tumor without killing me was to sacrifice the nerve that controlled the left side of my face. So I lost the ability to smile. It took a while, but once I got beyond the shock of that devastating loss of my personal identity, I realized that if I did the right things, the right way, for the right reasons, I didn’t have to smile. God would smile for me.

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What inspired you to write this book?

At the age of thirty three I had a tumor at the base of my brain that was an immediate threat to my life. The doctors told me I had less than six weeks to live. On the day I learned of the tumor, I promised God that if I survived I would tell the world of His miracles in my life. Through speaking engagements, written articles, and personal testimonies, I’ve been trying to do just that for the past thirty-five years. God Smiles for Me is the next step in my effort to live up to my promise.

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Tell us something about yourself.

 My name is Raymond Burroughs. I’m an architect, a dreamer, and an eternal optimist. I’m also a Christian. Born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1942, growing up was relatively easy. As a second child, I was pretty much on my own. That wasn’t all bad. I had to try harder, run faster to get out of trouble, and talk and smile my way out of a lot of situations no one bothered to warn me about. Once I got the hang of it though, I was on my way. My father was rich and my mother good looking. And to hear me tell it, I wasn’t so bad myself.


During the early adult years of my life, all went well. I received an excellent education, married my high school sweetheart, started my family, and had a good professional start as a promising architect. But it was too good to last. Approaching thirty-three years of age, I was on top of the world. I was Raymond Burroughs, the great American hope. All I had to do was smile and anything I wanted was there for the taking.


And then, with the discovery of a tumor at the base of my brain and a devastating operation, it was all gone- the good looks, the confidence, the ability to sell anything to anyone, the dominance, the strength, and the clout built up over years of hard work and bluff. The Raymond Burroughs I knew died on that operating table and, thanks to the grace of God and a second chance at life, a better man took his place. God Smiles for Me is the story of my life before, during, and after an incredible spiritual experience that became the core element in my unshakable belief in God and the promise of eternal life.

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What is your book about?


God Smiles for Me: Why Death Could Not Hold Me is a testimony of hope, promise and commitment, the power of prayer. and the healing grace of God. It is a Christian how–to book; a story of life, death, and life after death; of miracles and a heavenly journey; of loss, frustration, pain, survival, recovery and personal growth. It is also a story of love; of God, family, community and this wonderful journey called life.

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Book Signing date

Book signing for God Smiles for ME at Lake Jackson, Texas, Hastings Bookstore on March 5, 2011 starting at 12:30 PM. Come join us.

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    As I reached to embrace that heavenly glow 

         and the veil of life at last was rent

    I no longer heard the eternal shout

         of love ones lost and time unspent

   But a voice of love in angels song

       “Come hither mortal lot.

   Come smell the roses yet unborn

        and share the hour of time that’s not.”

                 Becoming the Light

    from the book GOD SMILES FOR ME              

Copyright 2008 Raymond L. Burroughs

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Now is the day:1/1/11

Now is the first day of the rest of our lives. And perhaps the first day of the rest of our eternal lives too. Is it possible that eternal life begins the moment we accept Christ as our Savior? Is the message of the resurrection about dying, or possibly, is it about living too?
I am not enough of a bible scholar to truly understand these things, but it seems to me that most of the message presented by Jesus was about how to live, not how to die.
“Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven” seems to suggest that if we strive to live the way Christ told us to we can enjoy heaven on earth now.
If eternal means “forever”, and eternity “a totality of past and future times”, as defined in our own dictionaries, why must we assume that the life we are living now is not a part of the eternal life promised to those who accept Christ as their savior and live according to His word and example?
The way I read it, the New Testament seems to say rejoice Christ lives: accept Him as your Savior now; bring Him into your life now; live as He told you to live now; and enter into the kingdom of God now. And forever!

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Mount Zion Church in Brazoria

Had a great book signing at Mount Zion Church in Brazoria. Great Christian folks. Alive for Christ.

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