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God Smiles for Me, why death could not hold me, christian afterlife, inspirational book
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God Smiles for Me, Individuals who will, read and recommen, a Christian inspirational book, to other

They said I would die. They were right. They said I was finished. They were wrong. At age thirty-three and on that operating table the life God had planned for me was just beginning-but first he introduced me to heaven...But God in his wisdom had another plan, and I had a promise to fulfill...

God Smiles for Me is a testimony of hope, promise and commitment, the power of prayer, and the healing grace of God. It is the story, not only of a man, but of a multitude of miracles that began subtly at first but then, with ever growing momentum, literally redefined the purpose and direction of a very complex life.


It is a Christian how-to book; a story of life, death, and life after death; of miracles and a heavenly journey; of loss, frustration, pain, survival, recovery and personal growth. But most of all it is a story of love; of God, family, community, and a wonderful journey called life.


You can help fulfill the promise, to God, Raymonmd L B
"You can help me fulfill my promise to God, by sharing information on this website and the book God Smiles for Me with your friends and loved ones."
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