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Speaking Requirements
Whether you’ve read God Smiles for Me or only heard of his story of hope and the miracles of God’s healing grace, Raymond would feel blessed to have an opportunity to share his story with you in person.  He is committed to fulfilling his promise to God whenever and wherever God opens another door for him.  Raymond welcomes a chance to answer questions following his presentation and to speak to multiple groups . However, because of physical limitations, speaking more than twice in one day is difficult for Raymond.
Scheduling: To schedule Raymond for a speaking engagement, please contact:

The God Smiles Network through:
Email:  Contact@godsmilesnetwork.org
Webpage: www.godsmilesnetwork.org
Phone:  979-297-1184

Finances: Unless a church or group prefers to provide an honorarium, Raymond comes on a love-offering basis.
Lodging, Meals and Travel:  Lodging, meals, and round-trip airfare and car or rental car expenses will be paid/provided for by the church/organization. If preferred by the group, The God Smiles Network will arrange travel/meals and provide receipts for reimbursement of these costs, payable at the completion of your event. (In the event that travel to your location might involve a speaking engagement at another nearby venue, travel expenses can be shared with another entity.) Raymond would welcome your help in introducing additional opportunities to speak and book sign in your community.  Because he travels with his wife Pat, accommodations should be provided for two. If possible, because of physical limitations, a ground floor or elevator accessible room is preferred.
Additional Considerations:  Raymond asks that he be able to sell books following his testimony. Please provide a six-foot table with two chairs to be set up for the book signing. We encourage people who have already purchased books to bring them for Raymond to sign.

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